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Just Eat Real Food: How JERFing Can Help You Quit Sugar

If you’ve cut out sugar yet still find yourself craving that sweet white stuff, it could be down to the foods you’ve replaced it with. JERF (just eat real food) is one of the best ways to ditch the cravings for good.  

JERF was coined by nutritionists and health experts to promote the idea of eating whole, unprocessed foods that are nutrient-dense and free of additives and artificial ingredients. By JERFing, you can eliminate the hidden sources of sugar in your food and know exactly what you’re eating. Here’s how it can help you manage your sugar cravings.

Here are some ways JERF can help you quit sugar.

JERF promotes a whole-foods diet

When you just eat real, whole foods, it goes without saying that you cut out the majority of inflammatory ingredients you’d find in highly-processed foods – think added sugars and refined carbs, both of which lead to blood-sugar spikes, energy crashes and insatiable sugar cravings. By opting for whole foods instead, you’ll feel fuller for longer and break out of the cycle of addiction. Processed versions of fruit and veggies like juice are often packed with added sugars, though even those that don’t slip in the additives are detrimental to our health.

This is because, in the case of juices, they lack the fibre needed to slow the absorption of the fructose from the fruit, along with dosing us with a higher concentration of fruit. When you consume fruit in this form, your risk for obesity shoots up, as we know that studies have found a direct link between fructose and the development of obesity. Further, another study shows we’re downing over 4 times the daily sugar limit, so it should come as no surprise that obesity rates have tripled since 1975.

JERFing encourages mindful eating

JERF is not a diet – it’s a lifestyle! What we mean here is that it doesn’t just involve what you eat, but how you eat. When you’re consciously putting together meals made of whole foods, there’s a lot of thought and attention put into the process. You’ll find you’re more mindful of your body’s signals, from when you feel full to when you feel hungry. By listening to your body's cues, you can avoid mindless snacking and emotional eating that crop up when you’re stressed or bored, which often leads to overeating sugary foods.

JERF reduces sugar addiction

Studies have shown that sugar can have a similar effect on the brain to drugs like cocaine – yikes! – and that’s why it can be so hard to break free of the cycle of addiction, even if we limit our added sugar intake. When you just eat real food, you take added sugars out of the equation and allow your body to recalibrate and free itself from dependence on sugar. JERF promotes eating foods rich in nutrients, which, while freeing your brain from the cycle of addiction, also helps reduce cravings through the consumption of healthy fats and protein. Both of these nutritional powerhouses are known to keep us feeling fuller for longer and fight the hormones that trigger sugar cravings. Win, win! 

Deep fried, sugary foods are the first choice for so many of us when we’re stressed or sad – but there is another way to enjoy your favourite comfort foods while still JERFing. Yep, it’s true, you can make highly nutritious comfort foods without all the consequences of excess sugar, which can include increased risk for diabetes and obesity. We know sugar is one of the lead drivers of increasing obesity rates, with studies showing a direct link between obesity and sugar. Worse still, researchers have found excess fructose can cause leptin resistance. Leptin is the hormone that tells the brain that we’re full, without it we may still feel hungry even after a full meal. The result? Weight gain, obesity and even diabetes. Head on over to look out our No Sugar Baking Cookbook for all your comforting favourites like brownies and cakes, without the consequences!

Need a little help fighting that sugar habit? That’s what we’re here for. It’s no secret that a sugar habit is a tough one to beat – wherever you go, sugar is there. Unlike ditching alcohol, there are few places where sugar is unwelcome. From birthday parties and functions to the office pantry, Sunday markets and the supermarket. Is it any wonder that so many of us find it hard to quit the stuff? That’s why it can also help to join a program like ours – our 8-Week Program is based on accountability, support and providing the essential resources to set you up for success. We’ll help you change the way you look at food – and that doesn’t mean you have to follow restrictive diets or miss out on your favourite foods; we believe you can still enjoy delicious food without jeopardising your health.

With celebrity chef Sarah Glover on our panel of experts, you’ll have an array of fun recipes at your fingertips, along with our own exclusive armoury of simple, tasty and healthy recipes for everything from daily meals to impressive entertaining. We’ve also got nutritionists, personal trainers and naturopaths in our team of experts, and they understand what our bodies need and how to best arm ourselves against those cravings. So, if you’ve been having a little trouble keeping that sugar addiction at bay, we’re here to help. We know it can be hard to stick to your health goals – especially when you’re trying to manage it alone. When you sign up with us, you’ll have access to clear-cut meal plans, community support and exclusive access to our sugar-free content. Here’s what’s on offer:

  1. 8 weeks of meal plans and shopping lists.
  2. 90+ member-only recipes.
  3. Community forums to share your journey.
  4. Support and guidance from the I Quit Sugar team.
  5. Exclusive content from our panel of experts.

So, if you’re ready to ditch sugar and the host of maladies that come with it, it’s not too late to join. We’d love to help you get started on your health journey. Sign up HERE today!

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