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Inflammatory bowel disease (IBD) is on the rise, possibly as a result of chronic inflammation from lifestyle, genetic and environmental factors in our lives. Here are some of the biggest signs you’re dealing with IBD.

From your classic barbecue dinner to your aunt's life-changing chocolate cake, you could be exposing yourself to a number of toxins. Here are a few foods to watch out for – plus some tips on how you can still enjoy them without risking your health.

The practise of faecal transplanting is on the rise – and yes, it’s exactly what it sounds like. Let’s dive into what it entails and why you might even consider getting one yourself.

Hypokalaemia, also known as potassium deficiency, is on the rise and, for many of us, ultra-processed diets are to blame for this trend. We’ll be unpacking 5 of the major signs you’ve got a potassium deficiency.

Oftentimes we think of white foods – like white bread, white rice or white flour – as lacking in nutrient density, but mushrooms are a glowing exception to this presumption. Whether you add these hearty fungi to your morning omelette or enjoy them in your pasta, just make sure you’re getting your dose! Here are 5 reasons we love mushrooms.

This Peanut Butter Lovers Month, we decided it’s time to celebrate the world’s most loved nut butter. Here are 3 reasons to spread some of this nutritional powerhouse-in-a-jar on your toast!

Left eye won’t stop twitching? Or perhaps you’ve found yourself with uncontrollable tremors. Both of these are some of the major signs of a magnesium deficiency – we’ll be diving into the top 4 signs to look out for.

Digestive enzymes are a vital part of the digestion process – but did you know there are a few ways to get these enzymes from the foods we put on our plates? Give your digestion a leg up with these 6 tasty foods which pack a good dose of these gut and pancreas-boosting enzymes. 

With summer well on the way, it’s time to celebrate one of the easiest and most refreshing dishes to whip up on a steamy Sunday afternoon. Ready in just minutes, the humble poke bowl is your key to a nutritious and fun dish the whole family can get involved in creating. 

This Thanksgiving you’ll likely be worshipping the humble pecan – and who could blame you? But these delicious nuts are not just the perfect filling for your pie, they’re also loaded with impressive health benefits – here are a few reasons to add an extra handful to your plate this weekend. 

Think you know irritable bowel syndrome? This widespread chronic disease is responsible for a host of symptoms, some of which might surprise you. Take a look at 4 of the biggest signs you’re dealing with IBS. 

Parsley is one of the world’s healthiest foods with megadoses of essential nutrients like vitamin K and C – and it also happens to be one of the most common and abundantly grown herbs around us. You can even grow your own in a pot on your kitchen bench – here are 3 reasons why you’ll want to.

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