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Kate Holm on the Effects of Sugar – Plus, Why She’ll be Joining the 8-Week Program

One of our resident experts for the 8-Week Program, nutritionist and naturopath at Holism Health Co, Kate Holm, is here to share the benefits of quitting sugar and what she’s most excited about for the program.

Our sugar consumption in Australia is through the roof, with an average intake of 15 teaspoons a day – that is more than double the recommended 6 teaspoons. When you combine this with the ubiquitous nature of sugar – it’s in every aisle at the supermarket, from health foods to staples like bread and yoghurt – it’s no surprise that many of us are struggling with addiction. Kate has unpacked a few of the major signs you could be addicted to sugar – let’s take a look.

“The range of symptoms that people can experience if they do have a sugar addiction are so varied, they can influence anything from our mood, our behaviours – definitely our physical bodies,” Kate says.

Here are a few of the other symptoms she says to watch out for:

  1. Feeling defensive of your relationship with sugar.
  2. Brain fog, mood swings and headaches when you haven’t had sugar for a while.
  3. Energy slumps.
  4. Bloating, reflux and irregular bowel movements.
  5. Hormonal imbalances.
  6. Reproductive issues like absent periods, heavy periods and painful periods.
  7. Skin issues like acne and inflammatory skin conditions like eczema and psoriasis.

Kate says these are good signs your sugar consumption may have “tipped out of just something you like and enjoy from time to time into something that’s less within your control.”

The benefits of quitting sugar.

Improved gut microbiome: We know that sugar can cause our gut health to fall into disarray, and that’s why reducing our intake can help us restore that balance of good bacteria, which in turn improves our immunity, mental health and digestive health. This also plays a role in reducing skin problems like eczema which thrives on inflammation. A healthy gut means healthy skin, too.

Improved mood and mental health: If you have a sugar habit, you’re likely familiar with the irritability and low mood that comes with the blood-sugar crashes. When you reduce your sugar intake, you lose those stressful symptoms and also reduce your risk for mental illnesses like anxiety. In fact, a study found that those who drank 2 soft drinks a day had cortisol levels 22% higher than those who skipped the drinks. Sounds like a good reason to ditch the stuff!

Improved nutrition: Nutrient depletion is one of the major consequences of excess sugar intake, as Kate shares, “when people are consuming a lot of sugar, we know that it depletes crucial nutrients such as magnesium, our B vitamins in particular.” She recommends reducing sugar intake to ensure our bodies can properly absorb those nutrients we need to function.

“Having a bit of a pause from something like sugar and then getting educated around what are the healthy wholefoods that I can put back in to crowd out those sugary foods is a great way to reset your diet, your family’s diet and really get informed around how to nourish your body.”

The takeaway: why you should join the 8-Week Program.

If you’re ready to improve your physical and mental health, along with learning everything you need to know about nourishing your body and navigating a sugar-laden world, the 8-Week Program is the solution you’ve been looking for.

You’ll have access to:

  1. An expert panel of health professional to guide you through the nutritional ins and outs of a balanced diet.
  2. Exclusive recipes and shopping lists for tasty, healthful meals.
  3. Support through every facet of quitting sugar, from managing withdrawal symptoms all the way through to navigating social situations – we’ve got you covered.

Final words from Kate: “I hope to see you in the 8-Week Program, we go into a lot of detail on the effects of sugar, where you find sugar, how to get it out of your diet. I’m going to do it too, I definitely need the additional support and accountability.”

Watch the full video here:


So, if you’re keen to join us on our journey to better health, with a team of dedicated experts rallying behind you, now’s the time to take back control of your life. JOIN NOW!  

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