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Meet No Ugly: Your New Health Tonic Gurus

We’re thrilled to introduce our latest partner in health and nutrition, No Ugly. We’re joining forces with these guys to bring you the best in whole-body nourishment and care.

In their own words, No Ugly is all about banishing the ugly ingredients, mentalities and beliefs that surround us.

“The world we live in is fierce and ruthlessly competitive and this dog-eat-dog mentality has created a lot of ugly. Global leaders with ugly beliefs, powerful influencers with ugly behaviours, businesses with ugly practices, and some ugly ingredients going into our food. All of which means some ugly results in the way we treat each other, our environment, and our health.”

That’s why Jo and Aaron, the founders of No Ugly, decided to do something about it. They both – like many of us – had been struggling with restless sleep, moodiness during the day and low performance at work as a result of the “ugly” in their lives. They realised there wasn’t a product on the shelves that would work as a pick-me-up without drowning them in added sugar.

That’s when they decided to bring No Ugly into the world – their goal? To banish these dangerously unhealthy “ugly” ingredients in our diets and to boost our health with delicious drinks that taste as good as they are for your body. They’re all about turning these “ugly” parts of life into “gorgeous” moments. These guys are straight out of New Zealand, making the most of native botanical ingredients for optimal health benefits, along with utilising nutrients strategically to meet our energy, gut and immunity needs. Here’s how.

Their products

You’ll find a range of tasty tonics from No Ugly, each of which are dedicated to a particular health need – whether you’re having gut issues or want to give your immune system a boost with anti-inflammatory ingredients, No Ugly has you covered. 

Calm: With ashwagandha, chamomile and vitamin B3, No Ugly’s Calm tonic will fight off stress and replace it with a clear mind and a relaxed energy.

Focus: If you’re looking to hone your cognitive skills and fight the fog, this is the drink for you. With vitamin B5 for mental performance and B12 for energy and clarity, you’ll be on your way to peak focus.

Immunity: Many of us find ourselves indulging in junk food or alcohol a little too often, which can throw our gut and immunity out of whack. That’s where No Ugly comes in, with their anti-inflammatory ingredients to keep your system going strong.

Detox: Give your liver a boost with this Detox drink, this one’s especially beneficial for those of you who’ve gone a little overboard on the alcohol.

Gut: Get a good dose of probiotics in No Ugly’s Gut tonic to boost your digestion and immunity.

Hydrate: With potassium and magnesium, this drink will have your electrolytes back in good numbers and leave you feeling ready for the day.

Libido: With zinc for hormone management and maca for energy, you’ll have all you need for a healthy libido.

Sleep: With muscle-relaxing magnesium and calming passionflower, this tonic is perfect for those restless nights. Get a good night’s sleep with No Ugly’s Sleep tonic so you can achieve your goals tomorrow!

Skin: With collagen for healthy skin production and antioxidising vitamin C, you’ve got the makings of a skin-boosting tonic.

Check their full range out HERE.

Interested in learning more about No Ugly and how you can set yourself up for a successful health journey? Tune in to our all-new podcast, Unprocessed by I Quit Sugar, where we’ll be diving into a number of health conditions, with the inspiring founders of No Ugly making it all possible. 

Check the podcast out HERE to listen on Spotify or Apple – in this eight-episode series, I Quit Sugar’s own J-J Yung joins Goodness Me’s Peta Shulman for a deep-dive into every aspect of health.

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