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2 minute noodles, bread and cream cheese are all under fire after new research has proven the link between these foods and quicker cognitive decline. Find out what's driving this health crisis and what you can do to protect your health.

We've all wondered if our recycling is making a difference, and with one council in Sydney under fire for mixing recyclables into the regular rubbish trucks, many have been left scratching their heads. But, read on to find out why you should still keep sorting your recycling into that yellow bin - plus our best tips to make your recycling count.

Plastic straws, plastic bags, plastic plates and... coffee cups? You might be surprised to learn paper coffee cups are some of the biggest contributors to our plastic problem. Find out why and what this means for waste prevention.
With a mental health crisis on our hands, could nature therapy be the answer? Find out what it is and why health professionals are recommending it, plus what it involves and if it actually works.
With obesity rates soaring, it's time to take a look at the targeted junk food advertising that children are exposed to, the psychology behind it and how it plays a major part in their decision making. Plus, a great "cereal" that the kids will never know is Sugar-Free!
With inflation through the roof and wages stagnating, it's harder than ever to plan and budget your weekly shop. Here are our top tips to keep both your trolley and your wallet full.
France's anti-waste laws continue to roll out, covering everything from clothing down to single-use plastics. Find out why they're important, if they work, and what you can do at home to reduce waste.
Avocados have been hailed as a luxury item - but this couldn't be further from the truth with record low prices. Find out why, plus how to make the most out of this humble fruit while it's cheap!
Did you know those little numbers on your produce stickers actually mean something? From size to farming techniques, this code can tell you all you need to know about your fruit or veggie choice. 
Forget pricey lettuce at the supermarket and get your gardening gloves on - experts say these veggies are easy for beginners to plant.
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