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Considering the importance of a healthy diet for kids, it is an alarming statistic that fewer than 5% of children in Australia are eating enough fruit and vegetables. The good news is that it's never too late to encourage healthy eating behaviours in our kids. Jess Allen is here to show us how.

The start of a new year can feel like a fresh start, but for many children heading back to school it can lead to significant anxiety. If you are worried about your young person heading back to school, here are some tips to help you support them. 
At some point we’ve all experienced some form of anxiety, depression, irritability,  hopelessness, overwhelm, frustration, lack of motivation or inspiration. You might have  even been told “it’s all in your head”, but what if it was “all in your gut” instead?  
So, you’ve started on your journey to a healthier you. You’ve got the journal, the water bottle, and all the meal plans. You’re feeling good, motivated, ready to tackle this new phase, but will it last? Self-compassion is one evidence backed way to support a strong mindset and motivate you to reach your goals.

You’re heading to your favourite Italian restaurant for the first time since quitting sugar but you’re not sure how to navigate the menu – from lasagne and carbonara to gelato and tiramisu, it’s some tricky territory. Don't worry –  we’ve been there, and that's why we'll be sharing our top tips for eating out at an Italian restaurant without sacrificing the progress you’ve made.

From kormas to chickpea curries, Indian cuisine is one of the most versatile, adaptable and nutritious options out there. But when you’re going out to eat, things can be a little harder to navigate – with just a few poor choices, you may end up leaving the restaurant with soaring blood sugars and a craving for more. Here’s how to navigate your way through an Indian restaurant – from the drinks to the desserts, we’ve got you covered.

Your local pub is the classic spot for Friday-night drinks, catch-ups with relatives and affordable dinners for lazy Sunday nights – but from the deep-fried fish and chips to the chocolate mousse, it can be some sugary territory. Here’s your comprehensive guide to getting through the night unscathed, from drinks to dessert.

Whether you’re heading to your local Japanese restaurant or your favourite Thai place, it can be daunting trying to decide on a healthy meal. That’s why we’ve put this handy guide together for a few of your favourite Asian cuisines – we’ll have you hitting up your old, pre-quitting sugar haunts in no time.

Whilst getting all the perfect skincare, sunshine, and sleep can only do so much, the real place to look for skin salvation is the place we’d rather just forget about – the poo factory. When the gut is working optimally the skin has a glow that the best cream can’t match.

So, you’re working your way through the 8-Week Program – you’re fighting those voracious cravings, the wicked withdrawal symptoms and perhaps you've started to actually enjoy more wholesome, tasty meals – but what happens when you’re invited out to a family dinner or a friend’s party? Here is your guide to eating out without sacrificing your health goals and achievements.

We’ve all experienced the dark side of stress; the turning tummy, shortness of breath, shaking hands and sweats, racing thoughts and catastrophising. It's unpleasant to say the least! However, you might be surprised to learn that stress doesn’t always have to be a bad thing and can actually benefit us. 

Too often people dismiss their period pain, premenstrual symptoms or heavy bleeds as “normal”, and are enduring waaay more than they need to. This goes for gut symptoms too! How much  bloating, discomfort and food avoidance do we need to put up with before we take action? Here's how to change all this.

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