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Spoiler alert: No lab coats or boring charts ahead, just a straight-forward rundown of the foods you should be prioritising for peak hormone health – and in a world that floods us with inflammatory ingredients and hormone-disrupting added sugars, it helps to separate the BS from the GS (good stuff!).

As Breast Cancer Awareness Month unfolds, the Unprocessed podcast had the privilege of diving deep into the subject with National Breast Cancer Foundation Australia’s Cleola Anderiesz. The medical expert highlighted a number of stubborn myths around the disease, while sharing the importance of community engagement in the battle against breast cancer.

On this week’s episode of Unprocessed, Clara and Grace have brought naturopath Megan onto the podcast to unpack the essentials for conception and reproductive health, and why it’s not all about the “biological clock”, but rather a range of factors affecting men and women’s fertility at increasingly younger ages. Here’s what Megan wants you to know before you try to conceive.

Feeling like your libido has left the building? Well, you're not alone! It's a common tale: life gets busy, stress piles up, and suddenly your mojo decides to take a holiday. But fret not, because No Ugly has something for that too. Their fruity Libido tonic is brimming with ayurvedic herbs and essential vitamins and minerals to cover all your bases. 

Nutrition is a fundamental element of fertility, among a range of other health essentials – but it’s not all about expensive, inaccessible ingredients and supplements, it turns out there are a few simple foods that can do a world of good.

Naomi is joining the Unprocessed podcast to breakdown the biggest myths around sex, libido and relationships. Strap on – uh, in – this Aussie sexologist is set to blow the lid off all your misconceptions, from the types of sex you can have to consent, comfort and all those other sexpectations.

Contrary to popular belief, it's not all about the mother’s health when it comes to conception. The father’s fertility and health is just as important, and we're about to find out why and how to maximise your chances of conceiving – starting with what you put on your plate.

Nature has a treasure trove of healing herbs with a range of health-boosting benefits – among them, fenugreek, while not often everyone’s first choice, is a powerful weapon against inflammation, while boosting gut and skin health – let’s dive into 3 reasons you should sprinkle a bit of this herb over your dinner tonight.

At just 38 years of age, Brent Garner was diagnosed with prostate cancer. He shares why he wasn’t surprised – and what he wants men of all ages to know about the disease.

We’ve spoken to top sex therapist Isiah McKimmie in the latest episode of the IQS Unprocessed podcast to hear her tips and tricks to tackling taboos around sexuality, managing libido and cultivating a healthy relationship with your partner. 

Considering prostate cancer is the most commonly diagnosed cancer in Aussie men, the rise in late-stage diagnoses are all the more alarming. That’s why we’re compiling a few symptoms to look out for that suggest it’s time to head down to your doctor.

Struggling with hair loss, acne and feeling unusually tired lately? These are all signs of a hormonal imbalance in men – let’s dive into a few of the causes and symptoms to look out for.

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