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Why You Should Ditch Sugar With Our Expert Panel For Our 8-Week Program

5 health and wellness experts from around the country have joined forces to help you take back control of your health.

The verdict is in – sugar is one of the worst contributors to physical and psychological health issues.

From skyrocketing anxiety symptoms in those over 60 to raising cortisol levels by 22% after prolonged consumption, it’s clear the consequences are widespread – across all nationalities, ages and sexes.

But with a ubiquitous substance like sugar, you’re probably wondering if it’s even possible to avoid it.

That’s where we come in. I Quit Sugar’s 8-Week Program is paving the way to live a healthier life and show you how to untangle your mind and body from the clutches of sugar. We promise, it is possible. We’ve assembled an iconic team of experts to lead the way – they’ll be proving exclusive content with tips and tricks to help you transform your life.

Introducing our team of experts:

Kate Holm.

I Quit Sugar Nutritionist

About: Kate is a naturopath, nutritionist, health educator and speaker. She’s also the founder of Holism Health Co. – an online naturopathic clinic and postpartum meal delivery service designed to support women and their families through the challenges of preconception, pregnancy and postpartum.

As a mother herself, Kate has firsthand experience with the guidance, support and health needs of new mums. She’s passionate about creating a healthy foundation for future generations and believes it all starts with the way we eat. She pairs scientific knowledge with naturopathic philosophy to provide informed, personalised and holistic health and wellness solutions. Take a look at her website  HERE to learn more about Kate and keep updated on her exclusive tips for everyone undertaking the 8-Week Program!



Anthea Counsel.

I Quit Sugar Expert

About: Anthea is a certified Mat and Reformer Pilates instructor based in Melbourne. At her Pilates studios,Sum of Us andSalt Pilates, she has developed a variety of workout sessions for all levels of fitness and mobility. She understands the difficulties of chronic pain as a long-term sufferer herself. 

Andrea has the top tips for managing your health in a safe, balanced and comfortable way. Check out her  website for access to her workout sessions and to learn all about her philosophy on forging a healthy lifestyle. 

In her words: As a fibromyalgia warrior, I believe movement is the best medicine for our bodies. 

“Keeping strong is my key to maintaining a happy and healthy body.”

Together with my chronic pain experience, and teaching reformer Pilates atSum of UsanSalt Pilates,I’ve developed an On-Demand Pilates Library with between 20-45 minute sessions where you’ll find a combination of body weight and prop-focused workouts. You can move whenever and wherever you like, using as many or as little props as your heart desires.



Jessica Allen.

I Quit Sugar Jess Allen

About: Jessica is a clinical psychologist located in Melbourne. She specialises in young people and parents going through the perinatal stage, while also helping patients manage depression, anxiety, personality disorders, relationship difficulties, eating disorders and trauma. With experience across clinical and educational settings, Jessica is now working with Orygen Digital in digital mental health program planning and implementation.

In her words: I believe in a holistic approach to mental health that considers diet and lifestyle factors and their contribution to overall health and quality of life. The values I take into my practice as a psychologist are kindness, trust, openness, curiosity, and hope.



Leila DiQuinzio.

About:Leila is a qualified naturopath based in Melbourne, specialising in chronic digestive conditions like irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), small intestinal bacterial overgrowth (SIBO) and leaky gut. She believes eating well is a key factor in treating these conditions and is keen to show us all how to manage our health – and enjoy it, too.

Leila will be sharing some of her best guidance and tips to succeed in our upcoming sugar-free program, so check out herwebsite and stay tuned!

In her words:I am passionate about eating a well-balanced diet and enjoying food, and this is my goal for you! Using thorough case taking, functional pathology, clinical nutrition, evidence based herbal medicine, and diet and lifestyle advice, I work 1:1 with clients for personalised care and sustainable results. 

“By addressing the cause of your problems, and creating a nourishing and achievable plan, my goal is for you to feel calm, resilient and in control of your health.”



Kat John.

About:Kat is an authenticity coach, keynote speaker and the multi-talented host of popular podcastREAL RAW RELATABLE.She has shared her experiences with childhood sexual abuse, bulimia and drug addiction, along with chronic pain and brain surgery and is dedicated to supporting others to manage their thoughts and worries in order to make space for the inner wisdom inside all of us. 

Kat will be dropping some authentic tips and techniques to keep you going during our life-changing 8-Week Program. Take a look at Kat’s websiteHERE to learn more about her experience and teachings.

In her words: For sixteen years I’ve dedicated my life to developing my mind, opening my heart, treating my body with kindness and respect, and coming home to my soul. Over those years I’ve learned a myriad of teachings, applied them, and have the privilege of sharing it with thousands of people. I'm here to help you powerfully manage the thoughts in your head, so you can listen to the great wisdom inside of you and focus on what truly matters.


If you like what you’ve heard about the multi-talented experts who will be guiding you though the program, head on over to ourinfo page for everything you need to know. 

Here’s what’s on offer:

  1. 8 weeks of meal plans and shopping lists.
  2. Over 90 exclusive recipes.
  3. Supportive community forums.
  4. Support from the I Quit Sugar team and our panel of experts
  5. A program recommended by 94% of graduates.

Sound good?JOIN NOW and get excited to swap sugar out for a healthy lifestyle, happy mind and a supportive community.

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Rose O'Connell

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