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13 Witty Comebacks For Quitting Sugar Critics

If you’ve quit sugar, or even just reduced your intake, then you’re probably no stranger to the endless comments and jabs about your dietary choices – but you don’t just have to sit there and take it. Here are 13 comebacks that will let you have a little fun with your critics.

It can be disheartening to wade through criticism after criticism, but don’t be deterred – remember why you started your journey. When you beat a sugar addiction, your whole body is grateful. In fact, the benefits are not only internal, but they’re externally visible too, which can serve as a reminder of the power of kicking your sugar addiction.

Considering sugar provokes a stronger reward response than cocaine, is it any wonder so many are struggling to curb their cravings? With some of us eating 15 teaspoons of the stuff a day, it's no easy feat to escape those sugary-sweet claws. But the consequences are grave, with obesity rates having tripled since 1975, along with liver disease and diabetes on the up, all with direct links to sugar consumption.

But quitting this addictive substance is one way to be healthier and enjoy a host of other benefits, and you may have already started to notice a few. Check out the shortlist of gains that come with the no-sugar territory:  

  • Mental clarity
  • Improved gut health
  • Reduced inflammation
  • Reduced severity of mental health conditions
  • Reduced risk for obesity, heart disease and fatty liver disease
  • Clearer skin and shinier hair

You’ve made strokes in the right direction and have overcome the hardest part of the journey – the withdrawal symptoms and cravings – and now it’s time to deal with the other side of things: judgement from family and friends… and sometimes complete strangers! The people in our lives are often the most critical of our lifestyle choices, and it can be hard to stand up to them – while still maintaining the relationship. If you’re finding it difficult to strike a balance, we’ve got you covered – here are 13 classic comebacks to throw at your critics, even if they are your friends!


Here’s what they say: Why don’t you just take a timeout from your diet?

Here’s what you say: It’s not a diet, it’s a lifestyle.


Here’s what they say: Can’t you just be normal again?

Here’s what you say: Well, I had to make a few dietary changes for my health – turns out we need our livers to function. Who knew?


Here’s what they say: A little bit of cake won’t hurt you.

Here’s what you say: I’m an all or nothing kind of person, and today it’s nothing.


Here’s what they say: If you cared about me, you’d eat the cookies I baked!

Here’s what you say: Ah, emotional blackmail – now you’ve convinced me!  *Use your best sarcastic tone for this one.


Here’s what they say: Why did you change your diet?

Here’s what you say: Well, I was too good at eating sugar, I figured it was time to give someone else a chance to win the title.


Here’s what they say: How can you live without sweets?

Here’s what you say: I still eat cakes, cookies and even ice cream! But I make them at home with real, whole ingredients, and without the sugar crashes. Yes – I’ll send you the recipes.


Here’s what they say: Come on, it’s just a glass of lemonade! It’s not like there’s any fat in it.

Here’s what you say: I prefer to eat my calories.


Here’s what they say: It’s a party, why not indulge once in a while?

Here’s what you say: Sugar gives me headaches – doesn’t sound so indulgent, does it?


Here’s what they say: A bit of sugar never hurt anyone.

Here’s what you say: Well, I used to think so too. I used sugar to drown my sorrows – which never really helped since my sorrows learned how to swim.


Here’s what they say: Loosen up!

Here’s what you say: Considering I only just got it together, it’s a bit too soon to start letting my health loose again.


Here’s what they say: Come on, have some dessert.

Here’s what you say: I can’t – I’m the designated driver. Whoops, wrong vice.


Here’s what they say: I feel so bad that you can’t eat these amazing sweets.

Here’s what you say: Actually, I can eat them, I just choose not to.


Here’s what they say: How can you even enjoy the party if you won’t try all the desserts.

Here’s what you say: I don’t need to eat sugary foods to have a good time, your company alone is entertaining enough.


And here’s a bonus comeback, for when you’re all talked out:

Here’s what they say: Come on, just have a slice!

Here’s what you say: No.

Yep, sometimes you can just say “no” and that’s enough. It’s the hardest one-syllable word to utter, but it’s also one of the most powerful words. As much fun as it can be to throw around some witty one-liners, sometimes a simple “no” is all you need – or all you have the energy for. Remember, no is a full sentence! Oprah has your back on this one.

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