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6 Simple Steps to Strengthen Your Digestive System

With World Digestive Health Day upon us, it’s time to shine a light on one of the most important aspects of our health – there’s a reason they call the gut the second brain! Here are 5 of our best tips for improve digestion, from reducing your sugar intake to chowing down on nutrient-dense foods. 

In light of World Digestive Health Day, which is known for its goal of increasing awareness of the importance of gut health, along with providing resources and support for those living with gastrointestinal diseases, we decided it was time put one of our most neglected – but essential – body parts under the microscope. The gut. It might not be as heavily discussed as the brain or the heart, but it is every bit as important. In fact, it's interconnected to every part of the body, and an imbalanced gut means an imbalanced body. We’re talking hormones, inflammation and chronic disease! Maintaining a healthy digestive system is crucial for overall wellbeing. When our digestion is functioning optimally, we experience improved nutrient absorption, increased energy levels, and reduced risk of digestive disorders. Let’s dive into 5 of the easiest ways you can take care of your digestive health.

Opt for a balanced diet

Eating a well-balanced diet is the foundation of good digestion. Include a variety of whole foods such as fruits, vegetables, whole grains, lean proteins, and healthy fats in your meals. These nutrient-rich foods provide essential vitamins, minerals, and fibre, supporting healthy digestion. Avoid processed and sugary foods as they can disrupt the natural balance of gut bacteria and lead to constipation and inflammation. 


Reduce excess sugar consumption

Too much of that sweet white stuff can wreak havoc on your digestive system, starting with a disruption of the balance of gut bacteria, which then promotes inflammation and contributes to conditions like dysbiosis and leaky gut syndrome. To reduce sugar intake, read food labels carefully and choose whole foods over processed alternatives. Gradually replace sugary snacks with healthier options like fresh fruits, nuts, or yogurt with no added sugars. You might also want to join us for the 8-Week Program if you’re struggling to ditch addictive snacks – we’ve got you covered with meal plans, delicious alternatives and expert support.

Prioritise fibre intake

Dietary fibre plays a vital role in promoting healthy digestion. It adds bulk to the stool, facilitates regular bowel movements, and helps prevent constipation. Moreover, fibre acts as a prebiotic, promoting the growth of beneficial gut bacteria. Include plenty of fibre-rich foods in your diet, such as whole grains, legumes, fruits and vegetables.

Stay Hydrated


Don’t underestimate the power of aqua! Adequate hydration is essential for maintaining a healthy digestive system, and this is because water helps soften the stool and facilitates smooth bowel movements, which then prevents constipation. It also aids in the digestion and absorption of nutrients. Make it a habit to drink sufficient water throughout the day. If you struggle with plain water, try infusing it with fruits or herbs for a refreshing twist. 

Practice mindful eating

In our fast-paced lives, we often rush through meals without paying attention to our eating habits. Practicing mindful eating can significantly improve digestion. Slow down, chew your food thoroughly, and savour each bite. This allows your body to properly break down food and stimulates the release of digestive enzymes. Additionally, mindful eating helps you become more attuned to your body's hunger and fullness cues, preventing overeating and promoting better digestion.


Join the 8-Week Program

Another simple way to get your digestive system back on track is with the support of the IQS team! Whether you’re looking to eat healthier or fight off a sugar addiction, we’re here to help. Join us for the 8-Week Program and we’ll help you change the way you look at food – and that doesn’t mean you have to follow restrictive diets or miss out on your favourite foods; we believe you can still enjoy delicious food without jeopardising your health. With celebrity chef Sarah Glover on our panel of experts, you’ll have an array of fun recipes at your fingertips, along with our own exclusive armoury of simple, tasty and healthy recipes for everything from daily meals to impressive entertaining. We know it can be hard to stick to your health goals – especially when you’re trying to manage it alone. When you sign up with us, you’ll have access to clear-cut meal plans, community support and exclusive access to our sugar-free content. Here’s what’s on offer:

  1. 8 weeks of meal plans and shopping lists.
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So, if you’re ready to ditch sugar and the host of maladies that come with it, it’s not too late to join. We’d love to help you get started on your health journey. Sign up HERE today!

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