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Say Goodbye To The Bloat: Why IQS Members Give No Ugly Gut A 5 Star Rating

For many of us, bloating and constipation are a way of life – but No Ugly have set out to end this reality with their Gut tonic, and the IQS community are the lucky few who’ve had the chance to try it for themselves. With 94.74% of participants reporting a positive impact and over 90% planning to continue drinking No Ugly Gut, the people have spoken!

For 17 participants, the journey to better gut health began with just one bottle of No Ugly Gut tonic a day. Over the course of the trial, participants experienced a transformation in their digestive health, with overwhelmingly positive feedback flooding in and a significant improvement to their baseline problems – we’re talking constipation, bloating, acne and food insensitivities. 

“Feeling really great and farting like a Unicorn,” one participant said. “Seriously though, stomach is feeling better and so are my bowel movements.”

Let’s dive into the results and explore the journey to a happier gut.

Participant after participant raved about the delicious taste of No Ugly Gut. With comments like " I like that the drink is easy to enjoy with a meal" and "It's such a good option for those of us wanting something sweet without the consequences," it's clear that it's not just about the health benefits of the drink, but the taste too. 

Participants even rated the drink at 4.9 out of 5 stars for taste.

Rating out of 5 Stars For Taste

But Why Does it Taste So Good?

Cranberry, chicory root and apple fibre come together in this delicious concoction to boost the fibre content – and as an added bonus, prebiotic chicory root adds a unique sweetness and nuttiness to the flavour profile. 

“The taste is really nice, I like that No Ugly has considered flavour here as it makes it so easy.” 

“I have mine with ice when I want a Sugary afternoon snack and it tastes great and I know it’s a much better solution.”

“The fact that the drink is sugar free, good for my gut, tastes good and is hi fibre are all wins.”

But taste is just the beginning. Let’s uncover the real magic behind No Ugly Gut – its powerful, gut-loving ingredients. 

Every bottle of No Ugly Gut is packed with a blend of natural ingredients carefully selected to support digestive health. One strain in particular, Bacillus coagulans probiotics, has been proven to make a significant improvement upon our gut health, and the research shows that it can reduce malabsorption of nutrients – a common effect of poor gut health – along with combatting chronic diarrhoea. A Japanese study found an improvement in 93.7% of acute or chronic gastroenteritis-related diarrhoea cases, 85.9% of maldigestion and 65.4% of constipation cases, making it a promising strain for the future of gut health. Recent research found that this probiotic can improve the symptoms of a range of gut issues – from bloating to diarrhoea.

In comparison to your initial baseline assessment, do you believe No Ugly Gut has positively impacted your digestive health?

95% said YES!

From soothing bloating to promoting regular bowel movements, here’s what participants had to say about their experience: 

"I have really enjoyed adding this tonic into my day and seeing relief in bloating already."

"I've been impressed to see that I'm actually having fewer bloating episodes after eating. I used to always have problems with blowing up after a meal, especially if it was heavy, but now I can actually eat without worrying about that."

"It's been a lot of change in a short amount of time - and it's all been good. Really glad to see my constipation has gone, and I've been struggling with that for nearly a year."

47.37% of participants rated their improvement at 10/10 and 100% rated their improvement at 8/10 or over.

So, it's no surprise that they gave No Ugly Gut an overall 5-star rating!

Rating out of 5 Stars For Product Overall

And it’s not just about gut health – participants also noticed unexpected benefits: 

"The benefits to my skin were amazing. I've had a lot of acne problems, so it's nice to see a clearer face in the mirror." 

"I was amazed how good I feel after this trial. The effects on my energy were unexpected. I had low expectations, but that really amazed me."

After weeks of enjoying No Ugly Gut, participants were thrilled with the results. 

"I'm impressed with this whole trial – it has given me so much gut pain bloating relief."

"I'm amazed how good I feel."

And the numbers don’t lie – with 89% reporting a reduction in bloating, it’s safe to say that No Ugly Gut is a game-changer.

Areas of Improvement for Participants

“I was so surprised how much improvement I saw, I would highly recommend you try it,” one participant wrote. 

Why Does it Work?

No Ugly understand that gut health rides a delicate balance of trillions of bacteria – and what we put in our bodies can make or break that balance. The good news is we have a lot of control over this side of things, so we can steer the ship back in the right direction if things have gone a little haywire. If your gut microbiome is out of whack, you've probably noticed poor digestion or even cognitive symptoms like poor mental clarity and brain fog. This specially-formulated gut tonic is packed with the essentials for a happy and healthy microbiome – this means no more bloating, constipation and the all-night-flatulence that drives your loved ones mad!

Research shows the gut has a direct link to the brain and gut inflammation throws our neurotransmitters out of order. Common gut bacteria like Proteobacteria and Bacteroidetes can cause inflammation when we’re lacking good gut bacteria, leaving us feeling worse for wear. It’s why participants noticed such a marked change when they regularly consumed the probiotics and nutrients in the tonic.

“Here at No Ugly, we believe natural is gorgeous, but if your gut’s natural behaviour includes bloating, farting, bad breath and diarrhoea, you need help. Let’s start with 2 Billion CFUs at the time of bottling. That’s what you get in every serve of No Ugly Gut.” 

The best part? It tastes delicious, with fruity notes of grape, cranberry and apple, combined with the subtle nuttiness of chicory root  it's hands-down our favourite drink here at I Quit SugarThe infusion of green tea adds a refreshing layer to every sip, not to mention the antioxidants that come with it, after all, there's a reason No Ugly Gut is our go-to drink here at IQS – from the low-sugar content that ticks all the boxes to the gut-boosting probiotics, there's no competition. 

Try it For Yourself: How to Drink No Ugly Gut

Just a bottle of these tonics a day is the key to a powerful probiotic boost; you can think of it as an addition to your daily meal plan. Enjoy a sip after your morning walk for an energy boost or pour yourself a glass during lunch or dinner for a tasty drink you won't believe is working wonders on your gut. It doesn't get any easier than that!

So, this all sounds good right? If you’re ready to try this tasty supplement to boost your gut, No Ugly has what you need. Their unique formulation combines the research of modern science with the wisdom of ancient tradition to provide a powerful, nourishing tonic you can enjoy anywhere, any time. Try it for yourself HERE.

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