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Your Guide to Making Sugar-Free Lunches for Kids on the Weekend

Here at I Quit Sugar, we’ve spoken a lot about making school lunches for kids – but many parents are left wondering what to do on the weekends. Often after the stress of the week is through, it’s nice to enjoy a special lunch with the little ones, but oftentimes this can mean fast food or ultra-processed junk that is anything but beneficial for their growing bodies. That’s where we come in. We’ve got a few ideas for you on how to make delicious, healthy lunches for kids on the weekend. 

Making lunch with your kids on the weekend can be a fun, creative way to bond with them while also making sure they’re eating nutritious, sugar-free meals. The weekend is the perfect time to experiment with different ingredients and try out new recipes that your kids will love – and it can be a nice break from the usual lunchbox snacks they eat during the week. Here are some tips for making healthy, sugar-free lunches for kids on the weekend:

Get the kids involved

You might be surprised at how receptive your kids are to getting involved in the prepping and cooking process. You can even have a brainstorm with them during the week to come up with your meal plans for the weekend, as this gives them a greater sense of responsibility and a more invested interest in healthy eating. Here are a few simple tasks you can set them:

  • Washing fruit and veg
  • Mixing salad ingredients together
  • Mixing dough or batter for bakes
  • Making homemade dressings or sauces

They can help with some of the harder areas like cooking and chopping, but depending on their age, you may need to heavily supervise here for their safety.

Get creative with the presentation

 One of the best ways to make your sugar-free lunch recipes more exciting is by creating an aesthetically pleasing presentation. Try using cookie cutters to shape sandwiches or cheese and fruit into fun shapes, or create a rainbow of colours on the plate with different whole foods.

Use whole foods

Whole foods are your key to preservative-free, nutrient-dense lunches for kids – and yourself! Use wholegrain bread for sandwiches, and use brown or basmati rice over white rice, whole fruit over juice and whole baked potatoes over chips. Avoid processed foods and snacks that are high in sugar, and opt for homemade options instead – you can recreate all your favourite with the little ones, whether they love a hearty pizza or the Korean classic bibimbap, we’ve got you covered. Download our FREE 5-Day Detox Meal Plan eBook to get some more inspirations for healthy kids lunch ideas.

Plan ahead

Spend a bit of time during the week to plan out some of your weekend kids’ lunch ideas. This can help you stay organised and ensure that you have all the ingredients you need on hand, plus it’ll give the kids something to look forward to. Consider prepping some ingredients in advance, like chopping veggies or making veggie stock, to save on time.

Here are a few healthy kid’s lunch ideas for sugar-free meals that are perfect for that relaxed weekend feeling!

  1. Falafel, cucumber and hummus wrap: Spread some hummus on wholegrain wraps, then top with sliced cucumber, and maybe a bit of spiralised carrot. Add your falafel and roll up the wrap. Add a bit of Greek yoghurt for a calcium boost!
  2. Tomato and bocconcini skewers: Thread cherry tomatoes and bocconcini onto skewers, alternating between the two. This makes for a great lunch side dish, and they’re so much fun to put together with the kids!
  3. Chickpea and quinoa salad: Mix baked tofu with chopped cucumber, carrot, feta and walnuts. Add in cooked quinoa and chickpeas, then a tablespoon of olive oil, a squeeze of lemon and a crack of salt. A bit of tahini will bring this tasty bowl together!
  4. Pasta salad: Cook wholegrain pasta and toss with tomatoes, feta, carrot and cucumber. Add a dressing of choice – we love a simple olive oil and lemon combo.

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