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In a world where we often seek solace in a tub of ice cream, it would be an understatement to say the sweet escape of sugar seems to have a hold on us – but it may be a double-edged sword, impacting not just our waistlines but our brains too. Is there a secret language between sugar and serotonin, or is it all just a confectionery conspiracy?

Getting your mojo back comes down to the careful nurturing of your diet, sleep, exercise and stress management – we’re here to give you the rundown of what you’ll need and how you can do it, even with a full plate of responsibilities on your hands. 

The first rays of sunlight should signify a fresh start – at least if we go by the Disney manual to life! – but for many of us, mornings bring about anxiety instead. It’s not all that shocking when you consider the mountain of activities there are to get through, but you might be surprised to learn the root cause of morning anxiety is hormone-based. The bright side? We can do something about it.

Yep, it’s possible to shrink – and grow – your brain, and the simplest of things, from what we eat to how we live, can make all the difference. Here are a few common habits that are not doing your brain any favours. 

Yep, you read that right – there is a phenomenon known as Perfect Moment Syndrome (the other kind of PMS), and you've probably experienced it at some point in your life. Ever felt overwhelmingly disappointed after a birthday or like you couldn't enjoy the much-awaited family Chrissie party? Here’s how to combat it and take back the joy in those special moments.

As we navigate the digital age with its constant barrage of texts and notifications, the siren call of social media scrolling, and the ever-present stressors of daily life, maintaining concentration can feel like a Herculean feat. Enter No Ugly Focus—a ground-breaking tonic designed to help us break free from the cycle of distraction and stay on track toward our goals – without the sugar crash.

Ever noticed that you feel a little more on edge when someone around you is losing it? This ripple effect of stress is particularly present in the household where you’re shoulder-to-shoulder with family or friends. It turns out those age-old sayings hold a great deal of truth to them – secondhand stress really is contagious.

Your nervous system is a complex part of your body, responsible for transmitting signals and optimising that gut-brain connection. It plays a crucial role in your overall wellbeing, affecting everything from your mood to your physical health. Here's how to hack the system in 5 simple steps. 

In our fast-paced world, finding tranquillity and connection with nature can be a balm for the soul. Enter shinrin-yoku, the Japanese practice of forest bathing. No, it’s not about taking a dip in the water – in fact, there’s no bathing involved at all! – it's about mindfulness and stress relief in the midst of chaos. Let’s dive in.  

Ever wondered if there’s any truth to the warning that a late-night sugar splurge could give you nightmares? We’re here to unveil how a range of foods from caffeine to chilli, can impact your sleep for better or worse.

There's a bizarre trend that takes a serene pastime to an unexpected place; we're talking about gardening naked and it's exactly what it sounds like – tending to your plants in the buff. While it might sound unconventional, it comes with surprising benefits that extend beyond the thrill of being one with nature. 

With stress soaring, commitments overwhelming and time dwindling, most of us find it hard to manage our mental health before it spirals. But sometimes a few little techniques here and there can make all the difference – if you're looking for a mood boost that's delightfully out of the ordinary, you're in the right place.

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