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Your Guide to Sugar in Milk

While we don’t often associate dairy with sugary foods like chocolate and cake, there is a sugar lurking within your favourite dairy products – it’s called lactose. But this stuff works a little differently to fructose – here’s why we still eat dairy on the 8-Week Program and what it means for you.

What is lactose?

Lactose is a sugar in milk and milk by-products. Of course, if you’re lactose intolerant it’s worth steering clear of this stuff – this condition happens when the small intestine doesn’t produce enough lactase, a digestive enzyme. Lactose breaks down the lactose we consume, allowing us to absorb it. Here are a few of the symptoms that come with lactose intolerance:

  • Bloating
  • Diarrhoea
  • Constipation
  • Gas
  • Indigestion

So, if your body is able to handle lactose, dairy can be a nutritional addition to your diet. Here are a few low lactose dairy products to get behind if you’re one of the whopping 65% of lactose intolerant people around the world.

Low or no-lactose dairy

Looking to up your nutrition but not your lactose? Try these:

Some cheeses: Hard cheeses like aged gouda, Swiss raclette and Emmental tend to have little to no lactose content due to the production process. But if you’re lactose intolerant or simply looking to cut down your intake, beware soft cheeses like ricotta and cream cheese as these tend to be higher in lactose. Plus, hard cheeses tend to be loaded with bone-healthy nutrients like calcium and vitamin K2. You’ll get around 220 milligrams of calcium in a 28-gram serving of Swiss cheese, that’s well over 20% of our daily needs. K2 plays a role in protecting bones and it’s believed to have a more powerful effect than vitamin K, also known as vitamin K1. Hard cheeses also pack a good dose of magnesium, which our bodies need to maintain healthy bones. 

Ghee: Ghee is not only full of vitamins and minerals, but it also happens to be low in lactose. Due to its essential fatty acid content, ghee boasts exceptional anti-inflammatory properties, containing greater amounts of omega 3 than other dairy products like butter and yoghurt. Studies have also shown that these fats can reduce inflammation, thereby improving our gut health and reducing the risk for autoimmune conditions and metabolic diseases. Ghee also contains a range of other healthy fats which keep us fuller for longer, including medium chain triglycerides, which have been found to decrease appetite and curb sugar cravings. Plus, ghee provides 13% of our daily vitamin A needs in just one serve. With 30% of children under 5 deficient in this vitamin – which is one off the major causes of blindness around the world – it’s pretty important to get your fill of this nutrient. Along with being free from lactose, ghee is also free from casein, which many people experience discomfort after eating.

Butter: Butter has a bit of lactose, coming in at only 0.1 grams per cup, making it far easier to digest. It’s also got vitamin D, calcium and vitamin A. Butter tends to get a bad rap due to the fat content, but in moderation it’s actually a pretty nutritious addition to a balanced diet as it improves satiety and helps us absorb fat-soluble nutrients in our food. 

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