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Whether you’re heading to your local Japanese restaurant or your favourite Thai place, it can be daunting trying to decide on a healthy meal. That’s why we’ve put this handy guide together for a few of your favourite Asian cuisines – we’ll have you hitting up your old, pre-quitting sugar haunts in no time.

If half your omelettes always end up stuck to the base of your pan, you’ve probably contemplated springing for a non-stick pan. But there are a few things to know first – starting with the detrimental effects it can have on your health. Here's what you need to know about non-stick, plus a few non-toxic alternatives.

Whilst getting all the perfect skincare, sunshine, and sleep can only do so much, the real place to look for skin salvation is the place we’d rather just forget about – the poo factory. When the gut is working optimally the skin has a glow that the best cream can’t match.

So, you’re working your way through the 8-Week Program – you’re fighting those voracious cravings, the wicked withdrawal symptoms and perhaps you've started to actually enjoy more wholesome, tasty meals – but what happens when you’re invited out to a family dinner or a friend’s party? Here is your guide to eating out without sacrificing your health goals and achievements.

Yeast infections, oral thrush and even athlete’s foot are all caused by the notorious fungus known as Candida. From your mouth to your skin to your feet, there’s no spot this stuff can’t reach – here are the 5 signs you’re suffering from an overgrowth of this ubiquitous microbe.

Food and your period go hand in hand, which is why your dietary choices can make or break your menstrual health. From keeping your hormones in harmony to fighting those crippling cramps, these are the nutrients you won’t want to skip out on, plus where to find them.

Dealing with a particularly stubborn eczema outbreak lately? Or are your gut issues leaving you blocked up again? Inflammation can affect us in mysterious ways, from our brain down to our toes, it’s all connected. So, let’s take a look at the inflammation-busting powerhouses to add to your weekly shopping list.

While ditching the sugary stuff is always a good idea for a physical and mental boost, there’s one sweet food you won’t want to skip out on come snack time – fruit. In fact, new research has found that whole fruit may offer a greater mental boost than its savoury competitors. Here’s why.

One of the biggest buzzkills of enjoying your food is mould. This furry, fluffy, slimy – and sometimes even spongey! – stuff gets into your grandma’s leftover lasagne, your bread and your tomatoes too.  Fortunately, most of our mould woes come down to poor preparation and storage – that’s where we come in. We’ll be giving you the rundown on how to keep your favourite foods fresh and mould free.

Curious about all the buzz surrounding cold showers as of late? Wherever you look – from Instagram and TikTok to popular news sites – it’s hard to escape the hype around plunging the temperature to uncomfortably chilly levels. Well, turns out there might be a bit of truth to the rumours. Here are 4 reasons to add cold showers to your daily regime.

How much do you know about lymphedema? Many people living with this condition aren’t loading up on fried chicken or polishing off blocks of chocolate on the regular – some eat healthily and exercise every day, yet still struggle with that characteristic swelling of their arms and legs. Here’s why.

With international restless legs syndrome awareness day upon us, it’s worth taking a look into some of the causes – and one in particular may come as a surprise. We’re talking about sugar here – this addictive stuff isn’t just spiking our risk for obesity and heart disease, but it also puts this common ailment on the map.

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