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If you’ve been struggling with estrogen dominance, you’re likely familiar with the irregular periods, hair loss and bloating – but do you know what’s to blame for your hormonal havoc? We’re here to unpack five of the most common causes of estrogen dominance.

Keeping our hormones in check is a complex a balancing act – if just one piece of the puzzle is out of place, the whole system is thrown off course. Estrogen is one such hormone that can cause a host of unpleasant symptoms when we start producing too much of the stuff – let’s take a look at the signs of estrogen dominance.

Polycystic ovarian syndrome, also known as PCOS, is a widespread condition which can cause a range of symptoms from irregular periods to infertility. But this condition doesn’t just wreak havoc with your ovaries, the symptoms can show up throughout your whole body. We’ll be unpacking a few of the signs you could be dealing with PCOS.

Ever noticed how some days you whizz through your workout, and others you end up throwing in the towel by the halfway point?  It could be the phases of the menstrual cycle at play. Here’s how to make the most of each phase to maximise your dietary and exercise efforts.

Food and your period go hand in hand, which is why your dietary choices can make or break your menstrual health. From keeping your hormones in harmony to fighting those crippling cramps, these are the nutrients you won’t want to skip out on, plus where to find them.

How much do you know about lymphedema? Many people living with this condition aren’t loading up on fried chicken or polishing off blocks of chocolate on the regular – some eat healthily and exercise every day, yet still struggle with that characteristic swelling of their arms and legs. Here’s why.

When we think of menstruation, we tend to think of those blood-soaked days accompanied by cramps and cravings – but this is only the beginning of the menstrual cycle. Your period makes up just one quarter of the stages of the menstrual cycle – let’s take a look at the other stages and what they mean for your health.

You may be wondering if it’s safe to take on the 8-Week Program while breastfeeding – we’re here to unpack why it’s not only safe, but beneficial to give sugar the slip during this stage.
If you’re pregnant and pondering the safety and logistics of giving sugar the flick – this article’s for you. Here’s what to expect from the 8-Week Program when you’re expecting.
Get to know one of our resident 8-Week Program experts - Kate Holm. As a naturopath and nutritionist, she's familiar with the dangers of sugar addiction and is keen to guide you through our program with all her best tips and tricks.
The gut microbiome has a massive influence on the health of both the mother and foetus during pregnancy. With trillions of bacteria taking up residency in your gut, find out how to ensure they're helping you instead of hindering you.
Here are a few ways to boost your breast milk supply, plus some helpful tips on how to make the breastfeeding process smoother.
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