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Good circulation is key to long-term health – so if you notice signs of any blockages, it’s time to act. Proper blood flow ensures that vital nutrients and oxygen reach all parts of your body, keeping your organs and tissues healthy. On the flip side, poor circulation can leave you vulnerable to heart disease, autoimmune diseases and obesity.

Affecting around 1 in 11 Aussies at some point in their lives, kidney stones are not fun! They can be incredibly painful, and unfortunately, rates of affliction are on the rise. Here’s how to protect yourself from this agonising ailment. 

Yep, it’s possible to shrink – and grow – your brain, and the simplest of things, from what we eat to how we live, can make all the difference. Here are a few common habits that are not doing your brain any favours. 

Even celebrities struggle with the confusion, pain and delayed diagnoses that come with an autoimmune condition – celebrity powerhouse Kim Kardashian has revealed her own struggle with skin condition psoriasis. Let’s take a look at her journey, plus a few of the signs and symptoms of the disease. 

Getting your daily rays of sun isn’t the only way to keep your vitamin D levels strong – there are a number of foods that pack a good punch of this essential vitamin. Let’s find out what they are and why you won’t want neglect your intake.  

The brain is a remarkable organ, responsible for everything we think, feel, and do. With cognitive decline on the rise, it’s time to unveil the simple but essential steps to protecting your body’s top floor.

As we ring in National Yoga Month, let's explore five scientifically supported benefits that make this relaxing, muscle-strengthening activity a powerful tool for mental and physical health. 

Your thyroid gland rides a careful balance of nutrients – so if you’ve ever wondered how to optimise that butterfly-shaped organ, this one’s for you. We’ll be unpacking all things thyroid – from the inflammatory foods to steer clear of to your secret weapons for hormone harmony.

Looking for a drink to accompany you to your sweat-inducing workouts? Or perhaps you’re after a hangover cure for those big nights – whatever your hydration needs are, No Ugly has you covered. Their specially-formulated tonic combines electrolytes with antioxidants and B vitamins to give you that boost you need. The best part? It’s low in sugar and high in taste.  

It turns out donating your plasma isn’t just helpful to others, it’s also good for your own health! As one of the few examples of instant karma – the good kind – the practise has heart-boosting, cholesterol-lowering benefits. Here’s why you’ll want to roll up your sleeve today.

Get those joggers out – Daniel Lieberman is set to change everything you know about exercise. From the misconceptions around the genetic influence on our health to the scare tactics around sitting too much, the Harvard Professor shared a few powerful words on the Diary of a CEO podcast that’ll inspire you to go for a run – today. 

Staying hydrated is essential for pretty much every part of your body, but there are several common habits that can unknowingly leave you high and dry. While some of these habits may seem harmless (and most of us do them at some time or other!), they do add up. 

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