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We all know the importance of staying hydrated, but this is one case where you can have too much of a good thing. An inquest into the death of Michelle Whitehead has revealed the devastating consequences of excessive water consumption, while shining a light on the lack of adequate awareness around the condition.

In a ground-breaking development, Australian company Atmo Biosciences is spearheading the creation of a smart gas-sensing capsule that holds the promise of transforming the diagnosis and treatment of bowel syndromes. 

Designer perfume brand Dior has dropped a new line of baby fragrances and skincare products, bringing controversy along with it. Starting at $149 and ending at an eyewatering $361, these products may be labelled “high quality”, but the risks are anything but. From wreaking havoc on hormones to damaging the skin barrier, here’s why doctors are sounding alarms.  

Maintaining a healthy diet is essential for overall wellbeing, and while we all know what to avoid, you might be surprised that some of the healthier options come with a laundry list of dangers. From the new research around heavy metal content in some of the major dark chocolate brands to the pathogenic dangers of raw milk, here are our tips to enjoy your favourite foods safely.  

When you picture someone having a heart attack, the first image that comes to mind might be someone doubled over, clutching their chest. But what if we told you the signs in women can be drastically different? Unfortunately, the medical system has yet to catch up women are twice as likely to die from their heart attack than their male counterparts. Here's why, plus the signs that could save your life.

Not even celebrities are exempt from dismissive doctors when it comes to investigating alarming symptoms – former E! host and actress Maria Menounos is just one of the latest forced to self-advocate just to get a diagnosis. Here’s what she wants people to know about pancreatic cancer, from the red flags to navigating the medical system.

When we think of high LDL cholesterol levels, heart disease is the first risk that springs to mind – and for good reason, but what we’ve failed to realise is the devastating effects on the liver. Here’s why researchers are warning about an influx of non-alcoholic fatty liver disease cases.

Heard the claim that sitting is the new smoking? While that statement isn’t entirely accurate, there is absolutely evidence linking a sedentary lifestyle to a shorter lifespan – but did you know the solution doesn’t have to involve daily marathons or stressful bootcamps? Surprising new research indicates it could be as simple as a quick burst of exercise.

Even celebrities struggle with the confusion, pain and delayed diagnoses that come with an autoimmune condition – celebrity powerhouse Kim Kardashian has revealed her own struggle with skin condition psoriasis. Let’s take a look at her journey, plus a few of the signs and symptoms of the disease. 

ButcherCrowd are revolutionising the meat and seafood game with their value-for-money boxes that come in sizes to suit all – whether you’re sailing solo or have a big family to feed, founders Rob and Damien Moffatt have you covered. They’re serving up affordable, high-quality produce, so don’t wait to slash your weekly budget and get your hands on your very own. 

You might have heard that sugar is highly addictive (it's what we're always driving home here at IQS) but new research highlights that around 14% of us are hooked on ultra-processed foods in general – chips and crackers and cakes, oh my!

Victoria is fighting for tighter food regulations to protect children from the insidious effects of ultra-processed foods that are all around them at school, shops and even at home. But will this new wave lead to lasting change? Here’s why, despite the vice grip sugar has on the nation, we’re cautiously optimistic.

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