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In an incident reminiscent of the 2018 strawberry tampering case, a Perth woman has found a needle in her garlic bread. We’ll be diving into what happened and whether we’re looking at the next nationwide needle crisis.   

You’ve likely seen the flurry of celebrities, from Chelsea Handler to Elon Musk, admitting to using type 2 diabetes drug Ozempic. We’ll be taking a deep-dive into the risks involved, the dangers of diet culture and whether Hollywood’s love affair with the drug has led to a worldwide shortage. 

Food Standards Australia New Zealand has formally proposed to introduce new sugar warning labels that will change the way we shop, eat and live – here’s what you need to know.

Activists have joined forces to boycott the Tasmanian salmon industry. Here’s what you need to know.

With global superstar Celine Dion diagnosed with stiff person's syndrome, many are wondering what the condition actually entails. We'll be unpacking the common signs and symptoms to look out for.

We’re seeing rising bids for paid menstrual and menopause leave here in Australia with many hoping to bring policies up to scratch with the health needs of those suffering from debilitating symptoms.

With the news breaking around the further evidence of the link between multiple sclerosis (MS) and the Epstein-Barr virus – the culprit for glandular fever – we decided to delve into some of the key signs of MS. Here are some of the major symptoms of the condition – and what it actually is.

Aussie actor Chris Hemsworth has revealed he’s taking some time off work to spend with his family and invest in his health after learning of his elevated risk for Alzheimer’s disease. Here’s what you need to know about the condition and whether you should take a leaf out of the megastar’s book.

A new TikTok trend has seen numerous adventurous influencers downing large doses of papaya seeds with the goal of eliminating internal parasites – but does it actually work? We’ll be unpacking the effects of papaya seeds, plus why you might need to proceed with caution when trying the home remedy for yourself. 

This month has brought in a new wave of restrictions regarding plastic use for businesses and consumers, furthering the goal to phase out single-use plastics by 2025. Here’s what you need to know – plus how these changes will affect your business.

The topic on everyone’s mind this National Recycling Week is the news of REDCycle’s botched plastic recycling program – but before we point the finger at these recycling giants, there may be more to the story. Let’s dive into the reasons for this breakdown, plus the other factors at play contributing to plastic waste.  

You’ve likely heard of the autoimmune condition pop star Selena Gomez has been fighting since her 2014 diagnosis, but you might be wondering what it actually entails – and whether you’re at risk. That’s why we’ll be unpacking some of the tell-tale signs you’re dealing with lupus – here’s what you need to look out for.

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