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With a litany of Christmas parties and New Year’s celebrations on the horizon, you may be starting to worry about what all the festivities will do to your whole food diet. That's what we're here for. We’ll show you how you can have a fun holiday season with delicious food and joyful gatherings, without the sugar crash!

Are you making a conscious effort to reduce your sugar intake but still want to enjoy a nice cuppa at your favourite cafe? You're not alone! But with added sugars hidden in so many of our go-to orders, it can feel like a minefield out there. Luckily, we’re here to unpack the safe – and delicious – options, plus the ones you might want to give a wide berth. 

So, you caved into temptation and downed a bag of the kids’ Halloween chocolate haul – fear not! You can easily hop back on the wagon, but managing those blood-sugar changes will be integral in winning the battle against sugar addiction. We’re here to help. 

Whether you're embracing a sugar-free lifestyle, cutting down on the booze or simply looking for some exciting mocktail recipes the whole family can enjoy, we've got you covered. We’ll be sharing some guilt-free mocktail recipes that are perfect for all ages and provide a refreshing twist to your Halloween celebrations. 

Few culinary combinations show up in ultra-processed foods as often as sugar and fat, and it's absolutely not a coincidence. This duo makes foods highly-palatable, addictive and dangerous. Here's what's happening in your brain when you eat them.

Feeling bloated and blocked up? You’re not alone – and one of the major drivers is our dietary habits. With more of us than ever relying on ultra-processed, high-sugar foods, is it any wonder we’ve got a global bloating problem? Here’s what the sweet stuff is doing to your gut.

So you’ve heard about the dangers of soft drinks to your brain, your heart and your waistline – but that doesn’t answer your question, “what can I drink instead?” We’re here to unpack a few delicious alternatives that won’t spike your blood sugar; on the contrary, they’ll actually work wonders on your health (and your taste buds too).

Protein bars are often the snack of choice post-workout or between meals, but these so-called “health” foods are often teeming with added sugars – in fact, it may be the sugar, not the protein, that gives you that energy kick. The problem? It also gives you a blood-sugar spike and an energy crash. Here’s why, and which brands to watch out for. 

Sweating is a natural and completely normal part of staying cool and healthy, but some of the accompanying smells are anything but! If you've noticed that your sweat smells worse when you’ve overdone it on the sweet stuff, you're not alone. Here’s how your sugar habit is making you stink.   

You probably know what sugar can do to your waistline, not to mention its effects on your mood and energy levels, but you might not be aware of the insidious effects it’s having on your hormones – and what this means for your whole body.

Researchers from Harvard University have confirmed the mental health dangers of ultra-processed food, but their findings on soft drinks with artificial sweeteners comes as a shock to many. Your diet Coke might not be the healthy alternative you think it is! 

We all have our vices—those habits that we know aren't doing our health any favours, yet we just can’t get ourselves to stop. Whether it's overdoing it on the sweet stuff or overindulging in alcohol, breaking free from these unhealthy habits can be challenging. But fear not, because positive change is possible – we’re going to show you how. 

I Quit Sugar Slow Cooker Recipes

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