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While ditching the sugary stuff is always a good idea for a physical and mental boost, there’s one sweet food you won’t want to skip out on come snack time – fruit. In fact, new research has found that whole fruit may offer a greater mental boost than its savoury competitors. Here’s why.

Curious about all the buzz surrounding cold showers as of late? Wherever you look – from Instagram and TikTok to popular news sites – it’s hard to escape the hype around plunging the temperature to uncomfortably chilly levels. Well, turns out there might be a bit of truth to the rumours. Here are 4 reasons to add cold showers to your daily regime.

If you’ve put on weight over the past couple of years, you’re not alone. Recent research shows around 38% of us have stacked the kilos on since March of 2020. Here’s why the pandemic, diet and lifestyle all factor in to this phenomenon.

Research shows that a dismal 1 in 10 Aussies are getting their 5 serves of vegetables, while the rest of us are falling short. Here’s why it matters and what you can do about it.

New research has revealed that just 2 minutes of exercise after eating can lower our blood sugar levels – even if we splurged on that pack of bikkies. Here’s how – plus a few other ways to manage those blood sugars.

Move aside apples, it turns out it’s avocados that we should be eating on the daily. New research shows just half an avo can boost our health and slash our risks for a range of diseases. Find out what this humble Aussie favourite can do for you.

In a new move for animal rights and sustainability, Aussie battery caged eggs will be phased out by 2036. Here’s why and what it means for your health.

Inflation strikes again – this time setting its sights on Australia’s favourite meat: chicken. Supermarket chooks, fast-food meals and restaurants are all set to raise their prices –here’s why and what to put on your plate instead.

In recent news, a former royal chef has shared the Queen’s go-to-snack is simply jam on white bread – not what you’d expect, right? But there’s a good reason behind her adoration for the snack. Plus, read on for our nutritional breakdown and a low-sugar rendition of the classic sandwiches.

Peanut butter is in the news for all the wrong reasons right now and it's sending people to their pantries to check their jars. If yours is made of plastic, you and your family could be ingesting a host of toxins – here’s what you need to know.

Ready-made meals are skyrocketing in popularity due to the culmination of a change in attitudes to health and a desire for greater convenience. But with inflation showing no sign of slowing, could there be a better way to eat conveniently, while also balancing nutrition and affordability? We think so.
2 minute noodles, bread and cream cheese are all under fire after new research has proven the link between these foods and quicker cognitive decline. Find out what's driving this health crisis and what you can do to protect your health.
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