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We're about to take a deep dive into the murky world of energy drinks – you know the ones: flashy packaging, bold promises, and enough caffeine to make your heart skip a beat (quite literally). But before you crack open that next can of liquid lightning, let us hit you with a sobering dose of reality.

Feeling more drained than your phone’s battery? Join the club! In a world where coffee is practically a food group and quality sleep is a distant dream, it's no wonder fatigue has become the unwelcome guest crashing on everyone's couch. Fear not – we’re here to get you back on your feet with the ultimate secret weapon: food!
Finding yourself about ready to crash? Enter L-theanine – while it may sound like something straight out of a sci-fi flick, this amino acid powerhouse can be found right there in your morning cup of tea. Here’s what it can do for your nervous system, plus the foods you’ll find it in.

We often hear about the importance of staying hydrated, but did you know that not all drinks contribute to your hydration goals? In fact, some beverages can actually leave you feeling more parched than before. We’ve shared our go-to’s for hydration – now let’s find out what to avoid.

Feeling frazzled by life's endless to-do lists and never-ending demands? It's time to tap into stress-busting adaptogens! In a world filled with constant distractions and ever-growing to-do lists, it's no wonder that many of us are seeking natural ways to support our cognitive function and mental clarity. Here’s how they work. 

Are you currently in a committed relationship with your couch? Do you spend more time hunched over your laptop than standing upright? If so, you might be unknowingly walking down the increasingly common path of degenerative disc disease (DDD). So, grab a seat fellow desk dwellers – preferably one with lumbar support – while we give you the spine-saving rundown.

Have you ever stood up quickly and felt dizzy or lightheaded? For most people, this sensation is temporary and quickly resolves. But for those living with Postural Orthostatic Tachycardia Syndrome (POTS), it's just one of many strange and unexpected symptoms they may experience on a daily basis – if any of these resonate with you, it could be a sign to check in with your doctor. 

In celebration of the Year of the Dragon, make 2024 a year of prosperity and good health – starting with switching up your fruit game. Dragonfruit is a powerhouse option with its low fructose content and diverse antioxidant profile, making it the perfect addition to your morning bowl of oatmeal.

The vagus nerve may hold the key to better mental health and stress management – but so many of us remain unaware of how it works and what it even is. We’re here to give you the rundown on all things vagus, plus we unveil why it’s all about increasing your vagal tone – and how to do it from the comfort of your own home. 

We’ve all seen them in the supermarket fridge – those little plastic bottles of fermented milk, yoghurt and juice drinks with a sugar content through the roof. But probiotics are good for us, so how bad can it be, right? Well, turns out it’s not so black and white. Here’s what you need to know.

Renowned singer and actress Selena Gomez has long been candid about her battle with lupus since her 2014 diagnosis, but she recently revealed her brush with chemotherapy – here’s why the Disney star used the known cancer treatment for her autoimmune disease, plus what she wants others to know about the condition. 

There’s so mushroom for improvement when it comes to your health, and we've collated everything from fungi to your favourite staple veggies to help you protect your liver – one of the body’s most important organs for, well, staying alive. The Bee Gees need not look any further for answers, it’s all here in these 3 powerhouse foods.

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