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Sarah talks often about Ayurvedic healing, which focuses on balancing imbalances. You can read more here. For anyone who finds themselves agitated, anxious or “brittle”, this recipe is fabulous - hearty meat dishes and root veggies are best for you.
This taco bowl is loaded with three lots of veg, anti-inflammatory turmeric and deliciously creamy avo! Gluten-free, dairy-free and all cooked in 5 minutes too... winning!
Craving a classic Pad see ew but not too keen on all the preservatives and sugars you'll find in your favourite takeaway shop? Try our healthy, DELICIOUS take on this Thai hero dish.
Combat that sluggish and self-conscious feeling with the help of foods like the ones featured in this recipe—they can be your allies in the battle against bloating!
Nothing says Spring like our Pomegranate & Quinoa Lentil Salad. Whip up for your mid-week lunch or serve with a Sunday evening with dinner!
We’ve swapped pasta for zoodles, added delicious protein-packed chickpeas and stirred through our amazing BYO leftovers pesto. Ready in 10 minutes and super delicious!
This delicious gnocchi is so good for you, with hearty sweet potato and vitamin-rich sage.
Because sometimes you just want a salad – and grilled haloumi is life.

This warming soup is loaded with the umami flavour of miso, along with the subtle sweetness of enoki mushrooms to set it off.

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Looking for a comforting meal for tonight? We've got you covered. This cottage pie is sure to impress the whole family, with vitamin-rich cauliflower and hearty beef - oh, and did we mention it'll be ready in under 30 minutes? Win, win!
Who knew green tea and rice could make such an iconic pair? This classic Japanese dish has everything for a quick and wholesome dinner - it's easy to make, loaded with REAL, nutrient-dense ingredients and combines powerful flavours to give you your new favourite meal. We've put a little IQS twist on this traditional dish by using basmati rice, and you can also add any toppings you desire.

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