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We've packed out these crunchy little morsels with peanut butter, fresh peanuts and a peanutty drizzle – because peanut butter is life, and so are these cookies.
Created for all the dedicated peanut butter addicts out there, this scrumptious snack fuses the classic crunch of cereal with - you guessed it - mouthwatering peanut butter and an extra indulgent coating of chocolate.
Is there a better duo that peanut butter and jelly? We doubt it! That's why we're sharing this indulgent brownie recipe featuring our favourite flavour pairing. With a gooey centre and fudgy texture, you'll be surprised that a slice of this won't spike your blood sugars. Dig in!
If you've quit sugar and are missing those classic peanut butter cups, our rendition will have you enjoying your favourite snack in no time. Our version is loaded with healthy fats, magnesium and iron!
This fudge boasts our favourite dynamic duo - peanut butter and sea salt. It's morish, satisfying and, best of all, it's good for you! Loaded with healthy fats, vitamins and minerals, this fudge will be a hit among the kids... and the adults.

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