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Here's our rendition of the classic chicken tikka masala, but you'll only find wholesome ingredients here!
Think you have to lose hours making a pea and ham soup? Think again! Our cheat's version is just as delicious and even more nutritious.
This is the perfect summer dinner with a fun twist on the popular bloody Mary cocktail with our vibrant bloody Mary butter.
This ale batter is super simple and seriously delicious – a little bit of British pub grub on a plate! 
The Greeks knew what they were doing when they paired eggplant with yoghurt - sitting right at the top of the holy tier of flavour duos. 
This hearty dahl is loaded with flavour and blows all your favourite takeaway spots out of the water for taste and nutrition.
Trying to cut down on caffeine? Swap your daily coffee out for this latte, it's loaded with flavour and is a refreshing antidote to the hot summer sun.
Want to boost your immunity and enjoy a cup of hot chocolate? It's possible with this warming beverage with a turmeric twist. 

Camomile may not be new to the health game, but it's certainly a game changer! Known to reduce stress, promote relaxation and boost immunity, we’ve come up with a cooling tonic to replace those sugar-laden fizzy drinks using camomile, creamy coconut and zesty orange.

We've made sure this Loaded Spring Vegetable Pie is packed with some of our favourite Spring flavours. There's an impressive gluten-free crust made with sunflower seeds and buckwheat flour and the pie is topped with grassy green asparagus... the hero of the dish!

This little elixir contains two powerful adaptogens - maca and ashwagandha, which have been shown to regulate the release of that nasty stress hormone, cortisol, boost energy levels and even help libido! Delicious served warm or over ice, this powerhouse brew is the perfect way to kick off your morning.

This veggie-packed smoothie is a terrific immune enhancer! Drink this daily as a morning elixir and reap the benefits of anti-inflammatory turmeric!

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