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This novelty sized Choc-Chip Cookie is the simplest dessert to bring along to your next dinner party as it’s all made in the one skillet. Outrageous!
Really quick to make and super delicious, this recipe is sure to become a household hit!
With their sweet and nutty flavour, nobody will be able to guess there are actual veggies in there, especially you slather it with butter and toast under the grill. Yum!
Great for Christmas, or for the feel of Christmas all year round. Find some nice jars and you have a lovely gift for Christmas!
A great little treat to kill the cravings. Store them in a jar or give to friends as gifts!
Make up a batch of these sweet golden biscuits to enjoy on the long weekend.

For our friends outside of Australia and New Zealand, these golden biscuits were eaten by our soldiers, a tooth-cracking combo that would withstand the journey via ship to reach the troops: oats, flour, golden syrup, coconut and bi-carbonate of soda. These days, we make them on ANZAC day to remember the Fallen.

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