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Looking for an alternative to sugar chocolate eggs this Easter? Look no further! These fun cups are the perfect surprise for your kids on their morning treasure hunt.
Chocolate chip cookies that are gluten-free and fructose-free?! Whip up a batch of these moreish bites to have alongside your mid-morning cuppa.
This flavourful slice is an ideal addition to any gathering, doubling as a delightful surprise in lunchboxes too!
These velvety rich chocolate bombs are the best way to finish the night off this Valentine’s Day – with their decadent texture and morish taste, this is the ultimate chocolate indulgence. The best part? The recipe makes 20 balls, so you can pocket a few for yourself for later!
This cake is so moist and light. Perfect with a cup of tea, which is how we tend to enjoy it.
Ah yes, rice pudding. This recipe takes us back to Sunday dinners with the grandparents. We’ve IQS-ified the traditional dessert so you can enjoy it without the sugar dump. (The usual recipe has up to two cups of the white stuff!)
We’ve IQS-ified a golden-oldie and made it virtually fructose-free. Fresh and filled with flavour, this childhood favourite is also packed with gelatin – great for little tummies. Get the kids in for some kitchen fun and whip up a batch for their next party.
Our Off The Wagon Wheel Cake is off the charts! With a delicious marshmallow filling, super crumbly base and decadent dark chocolate coating, it tastes just as good as the I Quit Sugar: Simplicious classic.
This gluten-free twist on a classic treat boasts the antioxidant goodness of raw cacao powder and vitamin C-packed fresh oranges. Perfect for all the family, your health will benefit as much as your tastebuds!
With Christmas just around the corner we have the perfect bite size snack! Raspberry & Cannellini Bean Blondies—packed with health benefits that treat your taste buds and nourish your body!
Just because there is spinach in this cake does not mean it doesn’t taste good. In fact, this might just be our favourite recipe in the Sugar-Free Baking Cookbook. The texture is a little more dense, making it a great breakfast loaf of bread, or perfect alongside a cup of tea.

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