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These protein balls have a lemon twist that will be enjoyed by everyone.
Who said that sweet treats can’t be nutritious as well as delicious? Our Sugar Free Sweet Potato Brownies have a serving of veggies that is so undetectable, that even the fussiest of eaters won’t even mind that there’s goodness hiding inside!
This Almond Butter Bark is one of Sarah Wilson's favourite treats! Sarah says "hand it out to fans of salted caramel and see if it doesn't make them smile in blissful surprise".
Guts a bit squirmish? We have the ultimate gut-healing gummy!
These tasty gummies are full of healthy fats, antioxidants and gut-healing gelatin.
The perfect school snack, to add some extra veggies into your kids lunch boxes.
Pesto is the perfect additional to your breakfast, lunch or dinner - whip up this recipe to get an extra packed punch of nutrients to your meal!
Enjoy these dolmades as a tasty snack with some of our IQS Tzatziki. Full of aromatic herbs, these are sure to please the whole family.
Thought pastries were off-limits when you've quit sugar? Think again. These delicious chocolate scrolls are sugar-free and will remind you of nostalgic childhood flavours!
Created for all the dedicated peanut butter addicts out there, this scrumptious snack fuses the classic crunch of cereal with - you guessed it - mouthwatering peanut butter and an extra indulgent coating of chocolate.
Who doesn't love hot cross buns and cookies? That's why we've joined these two dynamos for the best Easter dessert.
Looking for an alternative to sugar chocolate eggs this Easter? Look no further! These fun cups are the perfect surprise for your kids on their morning treasure hunt.

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