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Beetroot is renowned for its potent antioxidant properties, promoting gut health, regulating blood pressure, and being a folate-rich vegetable commonly relied upon to enhance athletic endurance and facilitate muscle recovery. These compelling qualities have inspired us to transform this versatile vegetable into the ultimate comfort meal!
This delightful creation harmonises the tanginess of fresh raspberries, the indulgence of dark chocolate, and the satisfying crunch of walnuts. Beyond its delicious taste, this combination is a nutrient-packed snack that can help promote the production of happiness-inducing hormones.
We’ve swapped pasta for zoodles, added delicious protein-packed chickpeas and stirred through our amazing BYO leftovers pesto. Ready in 10 minutes and super delicious!
This refreshing salad is loaded with protein, calcium and iron for a boost of energy and a healthy gut. It’s made up of affordable ingredients that will keep the whole family satisfied.
These tasty gummies are full of healthy fats, antioxidants and gut-healing gelatin.
This delicious gnocchi is so good for you, with hearty sweet potato and vitamin-rich sage.
Because sometimes you just want a salad – and grilled haloumi is life.

This warming soup is loaded with the umami flavour of miso, along with the subtle sweetness of enoki mushrooms to set it off.

The perfect school snack, to add some extra veggies into your kids lunch boxes.
Savoury porridge. For real. And it will probably change your life.
If you have a slow cooker with a timer, work things so the pudding greets you with a warm cinnamon vibe as you rise. Equally, this works really well made in advance, divvied up into lunch containers to be heated in the office microwave and served with a big splodge of yoghurt.

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