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Looking for a comforting meal for tonight? We've got you covered. This cottage pie is sure to impress the whole family, with vitamin-rich cauliflower and hearty beef - oh, and did we mention it'll be ready in under 30 minutes? Win, win!
Enjoy these dolmades as a tasty snack with some of our IQS Tzatziki. Full of aromatic herbs, these are sure to please the whole family.
Who knew green tea and rice could make such an iconic pair? This classic Japanese dish has everything for a quick and wholesome dinner - it's easy to make, loaded with REAL, nutrient-dense ingredients and combines powerful flavours to give you your new favourite meal. We've put a little IQS twist on this traditional dish by using basmati rice, and you can also add any toppings you desire.
Craving a classic Pad see ew but not too keen on all the preservatives and sugars you'll find in your favourite takeaway shop? Try our healthy, DELICIOUS take on this Thai hero dish.
Missing Yiayia's warming baklava? We've got just the thing for you! Our IQS-ified version of this classic comfort dessert is loaded with all of those nostalgic flavours, minus the excessive dose of sugar. Nothing but real, wholesome ingredients - and trust us, the relatives won't even notice!
Thought pastries were off-limits when you've quit sugar? Think again. These delicious chocolate scrolls are sugar-free and will remind you of nostalgic childhood flavours!
Try our healthy twist on the classic crepe cake! Layers of matcha-infused crepes sandwiched between cream makes for the perfect after-dinner treat.

If you believe cacao and cocoa are the same thing, you’d be wrong – but certainly not alone! So many of us remain unaware of the vast differences between the two, and that’s why we’ve decided to share the many reasons why the former is superior to the latter.

One of the biggest health afflictions of our day, high blood pressure is a blight on millions of people around the globe. Luckily, there are a few simple changes we can make to our plates to reduce our risk for developing the condition. Let's start with 4 nourishing foods known to lower high blood pressure.

The health of our nails can be a very visual indication of our overall health – from our gut to our circulation. If brittle, dry nails are your reality, it could be worth putting your sugar habits under the microscope. Here are 3 scary ways the sweet stuff is compromising your nail health.

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